2022 Update

2022 Update

Update to Our Focus Areas

November 2022

Since our founding, The Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation has been committed to arts access and advocacy. With the firm conviction that the arts should be more accessible and supported in under resourced communities, the Foundation has awarded nearly $20 million, or roughly half of our total funding, to the arts since 2014, supporting 165 arts-centered organizations with nearly 500 grants in Northeast Ohio.

Throughout our tenure, we have consistently identified areas where our work can have the greatest impact through strategic partnerships, and today is no exception. As we’ve continued to research, listen, and understand the complexities of our region’s challenges, we’ve recognized that over the last few years greater disparities have affected individuals and area communities.

With this understanding, our Foundation must prioritize initiatives that center around criminal justice, reproductive rights, and the environment. True to our mission, we trust that by making this shift, we will be better able to help create a more equitable and vibrant community, still in recovery from the effects of a global pandemic.

We will not be eliminating our arts focus area.

However, beginning January 2023, all arts funding will be initiated by the Foundation and we will no longer be accepting unsolicited requests.

This decision was not made lightly nor was it made in haste. In order for us to equitably manage our grantmaking over several focus areas — all of which are vitally important to our region — we knew we had to make changes to our processes. Proactively initiating arts grants will allow us to continue to support the sector while also allowing a more equitable portion of our dollars to go toward all our funding areas.

We are grateful for the long-standing partnerships we’ve developed with so many of you and we are proud of the impact we’ve made together through arts initiatives. As new information becomes available, we encourage current and former grantees to return to our website for more information. We will have opportunities for our nonprofit partners to learn more and ask questions about the specific details in the coming months.

Please click here to review our Arts grantmaking changes.

June 2022

In 2021, we updated our grantmaking framework at the Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation to best respond to the key needs of nonprofits that align with our mission and vision.

As we continue building upon our work in responsive grantmaking, our family foundation is honored to play a role in making Northeast Ohio a great place to live, learn, and work. Across the three generations involved in the Foundation, we work with a diverse set of partners to understand the evolving needs of our community. Through these collaborations, we’re able to identify areas in which we can make the greatest impact.

Based on our current research, one area we look forward to exploring further is our concern for the environment. Beginning with our Summer/Fall 2022 grant cycle, we are pleased to announce that organizations focused on environmental action, awareness, and advocacy—as they pertain to air and water—will be eligible to apply for Foundation support through responsive grants.

For a more detailed description of all our grantmaking focus areas, please visit our focus areas overview. Questions can be directed to Bridget De Leon, Director of Grantmaking, at bridget@fowlerfamilyfdn.org.

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