Application Process: More Than $4,000

Application Process: More Than $4,000

For Requests of $4,000 or More

Requests of more than $4,000 are to apply to our larger grant process, which follows the typical LOI/Application grant process. There are two grant cycles for this larger grant process.

For information on smaller grant requests, please click on requests for $1,000-$4,000.

Winter/Spring 2022 Summer/Fall 2022
LOI due (by midnight) February 15 August 15
LOI decisions notified by March 30 September 30
Grant Applications due (by midnight) May 5 November 4
Board decisions made Mid-June Mid-December

NOTE: The online application portal will be open and available the first week in January 2022.

Please read What We Fund carefully to determine if your organization’s programs or projects meet our funding criteria.

The first step in applying for funding from The Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation is to submit your request via our online platform. Please see Create a Login to set up your account.  If you believe your organization has applied in the past, please reach out to us so that we can confirm whether or not an account has already been created for your organization before you create one for yourself.

Once logged in, click on “Apply” at the top of the page and then select “Larger Grants Process.” Complete the required fields and submit.

Those requests that closely align with our funding focus may be invited to submit a full grant application. Notification will be sent to invited organizations via the contact information you provide at the time of the LOI submission. Please contact us if the contact information has changed. 

Please note: The full application form can only be accessed through our online grant system after approval of the LOI. 

Each application is given careful consideration. If necessary, a site visit may be requested from our Board of Trustees; however, site visits are not a mandatory part of our grantmaking process.

The Foundation Board of Trustees meet and review all grant applications.

If your application is approved for funding by our Board, you will be sent an email notifying you of the grant details and when you might expect the grant agreement and payment. Required follow-up progress reports may be required and indicated in your grant agreement.

We recognize the amount of time we have required from you and all our grantees to compose and submit online reports.  We also recognize that this takes precious time away from your mission.  We do, however, want to hear about your successes (and yes, even the failures) surrounding the activities you accomplished during the grant period. Ahead of the reporting deadline, you will receive an email with submission details.

At any time, you can login to the online portal to view your dashboard and report deadlines.