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Featured Videos and FAQS About Grantmaking for the Arts

Since our founding, The Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation has been and will continue to be committed to the Arts. However, beginning in January 2023, the Foundation’s funding process for the Arts is changing and the Foundation will no longer be accepting unsolicited requests.

As part of our ongoing outreach and transparency, the Foundation created this page to provide additional information via these videos and FAQs.

Why does the Fowler Family support the arts?

Video #1: Why does the Fowler Family support the Arts?

Arts impact on Cleveland

Video #2: Arts impact on Cleveland

Shift of Arts Funding

Video #3: Change in the Arts Funding Process

2023 Arts Funding FAQs

Doyou accept unsolicited requests from arts organizations?

No, beginning 2023, we do not accept requests for arts funding through any of our processes (neither the monthly nor the twice yearly) without a specific invitation from the Foundation.

If you are not accepting arts funding requests, how will the Foundation know about all the new and exciting arts projects going on in our community?

Although we have announced significant changes to our arts funding process, the Foundation will continue to stay active in and informed about the arts community in Northeast Ohio.

Wehave not received arts funding in the past from the Foundation. How mightwe be considered for an internally/board-initiated grant?

Any organization is welcome to email information to us at  This email address is monitored by staff and has been created solely for this purpose.

Wehave received funding for our arts programming in the past. How might we beconsidered for an internally/board-initiated grant?

The process is no different for previous grantees or prospective grantees. Organizations are welcome to send updates and news to

Can we schedule a meeting to discuss our projects?

We will reach out to you if a meeting is appropriate. With limited staff and board time, we cannot meet with every organization that requests one.

How will you determine who gets an arts grant?

We are reducing our annual arts funding by more than $1,000,000 compared to last year. Regardless of organization size, we will look to those that are uniquely positioned to reach populations who often are not afforded arts opportunities and experiences. Selected organizations will demonstrate a thoughtful, inclusive and equitable approach to their work and involvement within the communities they serve.

Our organization is doing work in the Foundation’s other focus areas (Criminal Justice, Environment, Reproductive Rights & Health, and AYA Cancer) and the project involves something arts-related. Can we apply under one of the other focus areas?

Yes. Even if the project includes some form of the Arts, you may apply to our posted deadlines and process as the programming would still fall under that other focus area.  (i.e. art programming in prisons would be a Criminal Justice request, art therapy for young adult cancer patients and families would fall under AYA Cancer, etc…)

How will we know if we have been selected for an arts grant?

If the Trustees have selected your organization for funding, you will receive an email notification from the Foundation.

Is there a particular time of year that you will be processing arts grants?

For 2023, notification of these grants will occur no later than July 31, 2023. Although we are not accepting applications nor do we have deadlines for sharing information, the Trustees will convene in early summer to determine that year’s recipients.

If we are selected, will we followthe same application process and deadlines that are posted to your website?

No, the posted application links and deadlines (cycles commencing February 15 and August 15) are only for the focus areas other than the Arts.  If you are awarded a grant through our arts process, your notification email will include instructions.

If we are selected for a grant, is there anything else we should expect?

Our budget for arts grantmaking is significantly decreased from prior years. If you are awarded a grant, it will likely be a lesser amount than what we have been able to provide in the past.

What if I have additional questions?

Please email your specific questions to Bridget De Leon, our Director of Grantmaking, at